The Rising Tide Society - 20 On The Rise Finalist

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Oh Happy Day Booth is one of the best things I’ve done with my life. I originally started off as a wedding photographer, but I knew my progressive neurological disorder put an expiration date on that career. I wanted to find something that had some more longevity to it, and I knew I could find that in a photo booth business. I jumped in with both feet, and strive to lean in to every experience along the way. As I look back on all that we've accomplished so far, we are honored to have been selected as a finalist for The Rising Tide Society's 20 On The Rise

A huge amount of credit for my success lies with my husband. Peter always says it’s not our business, it’s my business. I guess we can agree to disagree on that one. He’s never once doubted my crazy ideas, and pushes me to pursue those ideas when I have them. He has put equipment in my car countless times when I couldn’t do it myself, has worked bridal shows and open houses when I know he didn’t want to, and has saved my butt more times than I can count. He’s helped me proof read every difficult email I’ve had to send (y’all know the type) and he’s been there when amazing things happen (like 20 On The Rise!). He’s my constant encourager, and there’s no way I could do what I do without him.  

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but I have the best parents. Since day one, they’ve always encouraged both me and my sister when we had ideas or passions. They taught me that regardless of what other people said, if you wanted something badly enough, you can do it. I’m grateful that because of them, growing up I never felt like anything was impossible, and that transferred into adulthood. Mom and Dad have been my faithful sounding boards, my fierce cheerleaders and my saving grace when I made questionably poor decisions starting out. 

My sister has always been a leader by example. She is a orthotist/prosthetist in North Carolina. If you don’t know what that is, it’s someone who make prosthetic limbs. Uh-huh. She’s always been the smarty pants of the family, and I’ve always been playing catch up. She inspires me every day as she makes the lives around her so much better, and she’s taught me the value of a good work ethic. She’s also the one that managed to help me swing my first out of state event, which I’ll never forget.

I would be literally nowhere near where I am without my attendants. Their commitment to providing great experiences for guests and their attention to detail have allowed me to stop working 8 days a week and just focus on running the business, which has been my goal all along. They gave me my life and my sanity back. Other photo booth owners have asked me how I’ve managed to find such great attendants, and I have nothing to say other than I must have cashed in all my lucky cards at some point. 

The Rising Tide Society’s local Austin chapter has been one of the most valuable tools for me. The community I’ve found through this group is incredible. I’ve made friends and seen other businesses thrive in the competitive Austin market because of this community. When I was starting out, I can’t tell you how many times I posted about needing help at an event and had a bunch of people respond. I found my first attendant, Hope, in the group, and when I needed to start looking for more help, she found Ericka and Kelsey for me. What I’ve gained from RTS is intense and immeasurable and I’m forever grateful.