Why you need our photo booth at your next corporate event

There are so many different events that would be appropriate for our photo booths. When you think ‘photo booth’ you may automatically assume it’s just for weddings, galas, holiday parties and sorority events. But have you considered how it can leverage marketing and positive experience for your business? We’ve set up photo booths at conferences, trade shows, meetups, movie premiers, networking events, career fairs, and the list goes on. If you’re a business or corporation that isn’t looking for just a photographer to take pictures of your event but you’re looking to invest in something that will be unique and build your business, look no further. Here are a five reasons why you need our photo booth at your next corporate event:

1. Icebreaker: Let’s face it; sometimes it can be awkward to approach people and spark conversation at a conference or networking event. Our photo booth is an easy way to break the ice and get to know your audience! It encourages people to be interactive and have fun and makes them feel more comfortable! You can easily exchange business cards and shake hands without fear of awkward small talk.

austin photo booth

 2. Marketing: Of course our photo booths are fun and interactive but it’s also a huge marketing tool for your business. Our creative team will design an overlay that is permanent on every shared image. This means each time an image is shared via Instagram or Facebook your business’s name is now being shared throughout an audience you would not reach otherwise. If a photo with your logo in the overlay is printed, that guest can now put that picture on display, i.e. refrigerator, office desk, in car, etc.  Not only is it more memorable than a business card, but each time they go to grab milk from the fridge or sit down at work or wait in traffic, your company name is what that person sees, thus building consistent brand recognition.

movie premiere photo booth

Another marketing tool we focus on for our corporate clients is a vinyl wrap. We will add your logo, branding, and/or tagline to the actual open-air booth for a small upgrade. You can see an example of a partial vinyl wrap below. When someone is walking by or walking up to take a photo at the booth, they will see the your company name on the top, bottom, and sides of the booth and you’re now getting brand more visibility, without having to speak to anyone about your brand.

photo booth vinyl wrap

3. Gain Leads: One of the coolest things we can do for our corporate clients is help them gain leads through our photo booth service. Say whaaaat? ! That’s right! When we turn on instant digital sharing, our software saves the emails or phone numbers that are shared to send the photo. For a small upgrade, we can share the email capture list with you and you’ll have access to everyone’s email that took a photo, with your guest’s acknowledgment. You can also create an optional demographic survey guests can fill out after taking a photo so you know your audience even more! It’s a simple way to create leads and promote growth for your business. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

austin photo booth

 4. Unique and lasting experience: A photo booth leaves an impression on your audience. We want your attendees at an event to remember their experience and associate photo booths in the future with how much they enjoyed yours! When your attendees look back on their printed photo, our professional staff will guarantee they have a positive memory from your event.

corporate party

5. Professional Use: If you’re unsure that you need a photo booth for corporate entertainment, we have a few other ideas up our sleeve. One of our favorite corporate photo booth set ups is organizing a photo shoot for headshots, ideal for updating your team’s profile pictures. We also offer roaming photography for our clients. This would be perfect for photographing any of your team meetings or outings to share your company’s atmosphere and help with future recruiting!

austin wedding photo booth_0116.jpg

Want to learn more about how a photo booth will be an impactful addition to your next corporate event? Email our corporate sales team today! kati@ohhappydaybooth.com

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Texas Oncology + Dell Match Play  

We may not be mathematicians, but here’s an equation we can easily solve:

Empowered women + perfect weather + Dell Match Play = an inspiring event

 We spent the afternoon at the Austin Country Club, working with the women of Texas Oncology. They sponsored the event, with their aim to empower women to live their best lives thinking about cancer prevention or living with cancer in a positive light. They provided food, beverages, and a lipstick station for ladies to put on their favorite color of lipstick before taking their photo with us in the photo booth. Snacks and makeup touch ups? Sign us up.

Texas Oncology was inspired by the Living Coral theme, and it allowed us to be creative with our floral designs at our photo booth! We tied in the Pantone Color of Year by creating the word “Living” out of carnations and roses that hung at the top of the backdrop. To make sure the floral installation stood out, we added a lavender backdrop and framed it with greenery to keep it feminine and fresh. Because the backdrop and women were our main focus for the photos, we wanted to keep the overlay simple with Texas Oncology’s logo and their hashtag for the event, #FightCancerLiveCoral.

 We loved creating the floral installation for the Texas Oncology team and we’re so happy we could partake in such an encouraging project!

 Looking for something similar to this for your next event? Contact our sales team Kati@ohhappydaybooth.com

Floral Installation
Living Coral Pantone
Austin photo booth
austin wedding photo booth_0084.jpg
austin wedding photo booth_0085.jpg
austin photo booth
austin wedding photo booth_0088.jpg
photo booth digital sharing

Texas Medal of Arts Awards

An event so big that only Texas can take it on.

The 10th Biennial Texas Medal of Arts Awards is an event where world-famous Texans are recognized and supported through the arts. Since the Awards have started in 2001, they have recognized over 100 leaders and role models “who have achieved greatness through their creative talents, as well as those whose generosity has opened doors to artistic opportunity for Texans of all ages." The honorees are of different backgrounds such as acting, musicians, architecture, fashion design and artists. Some of the influential honorees of this years award ceremony were Boz Scaggs, Matthew McConaughey , Jennifer Holliday, Brandon Maxwell, and Mark Seliger.

This is the second year in a row we’ve had a portrait booth for TMAA; we were so excited to be chosen to be a part of the event again! The event was at The Long Center downtown and the entrance into the event was swoon-worthy. Everything from the red carpet entrance and emerald velvet sitting area to the four string quartet and elegant tastings, we were floored at how every detail came to play at the multi-level event. The photo booth was made available to guests on the Mezzanine level in the lounge, close to the balcony overlooking downtown Austin. We wanted to keep the backdrop simple to keep the guests and their attire the focal point.

If already dreaming of creative ideas for 2021 TMAA is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Congratulations to all the honorees!

A Night to inspire | The Settlement Home

There is little we love more than an opportunity to give back to the community. But honoring those that give back is definitely up there!

A Night to Inspire is an evening to honor the Community Youth Council (CYC), which consists of Austin high school students who are committed to giving back to the community as volunteers with The Settlement Home, as stated on their website. These student philanthropists dedicate their time in helping the Austin nonprofit which focuses on serving children in foster care through housing programs.

The event took place at The UT Alumni Center, right in the heart of the University of Texas campus. We wanted our focus to be on the students and attendees, so we chose a backdrop with The Settlement Home logo and a mosaic tile overlay with the word “Inspire” in larger print.

We’re so proud to be part of the same community as these students and we were happy to be part of an event that focused on the difference they’re making!

Alamo Drafthouse Appreciation Event

We had so much fun at providing two photo booths for Alamo Drafthouse’s ALAMOCON ‘19! The event is organized to appreciate and recognize Alamo Drafthouse’s employees and feature new industry services. The guests included executives and upper management from all over the country including head chefs, general managers, territory managers and owners.

There were vendors of all backgrounds, including food and beverage. Salt Lick Barbecue was served first (because, Texas) and the desserts were catered by Wyeth Patisserie.

As unique as Alamo Drafthouse as a company is, we wanted to have a unique photo booth set up. We coordinated a portrait photo booth with print outs and a selfie station near the DJ. Having two photo booths is perfect for large parties so guests can be entertained with two different setups and a line doesn’t form, distracting guests from the party itself!

This was the best opportunity for us to showcase our new balloon installation. Yes, you read that right.. balloon installation!! We loved incorporating our balloons as a backdrop for both the portrait booth and the selfie station. It stood out in the large venue, encouraging the guests to engage in photo taking. It really made the booths POP (see what we did there). We matched the colors of overlay and start screen with the balloons and it couldn’t have tied into the theme any better.

 Be on the lookout for more of these balloon installations for our events and contact our team for an installation quote for your next event!

Dance House fitness pop up

Dancing masked as fitness? We’re here for it.

Dance House Fitness is a Houston based dance studio that combines jazz, hip hop, modern dance and ballet in their classes. The owners of the studio found a way to make experienced dancers and rookies feel comfortable in the same space! Although we were definitely the rookies, we enjoyed burning calories and learning choreography to Ariana Grande. #hairflip

The studio rented a space for two days on South Congress and the excitement could not be any stronger. We picked the champagne backdrop for the selfie station to add just the right amount of sparkle and class. We added a custom white overlay with so DHF’s logo really popped!

We’re excited to werk it out again next time they come back to Austin!

Women of Wardrobe Event

As a 100% women owned and operated company, there’s nothing we love more than a chance to network and mingle with other influential women in Austin!

This was the first Women of Wardrobe (WOW) event hosted by Dress For Success Austin this year, designed for women of all industry backgrounds to get to know each other and support the nonprofit’s mission and organization. The event took place at Lustre Pearl, an old converted home turned venue and one of East Austin’s best kept secrets when it comes to entertainment with an outdoor patio.

Inside, the bar was full of quesadillas, sandwiches (we would’ve had 12 if we could, they were THAT good) and bite size cupcakes that didn’t make you feel bad if you had a handful. The hosts handed out goodie bags that were filled with jewelry, makeup, and salon vouchers, all aimed to help women feel and look their best. We loved the rustic interior of the space, we set up our selfie station so the walls were the backdrop and we absolutely loved the vibe. We wanted to keep our overlay minimal, so we used a gradient white and simple logo design. Sometimes less really is more.

We’re already looking forward to the next event!

Photos courtesy of Christine Torres

The power of a sponsored photo booth

Let us paint a picture you may be familiar with: You’ve got some killer ideas for your event and you know a photo booth would be the perfect addition, but you’ve got a tight budget for entertainment. You had photo booth company do your event for free last year, but you really felt like your event was put on the back burner, and they aren’t available to do it again for free. You’re back at square one and don’t want to have to ask more people to work for free.

You need a sponsor. The great news is, you know of a third party company that would be the perfect sponsor to promote their brand at your event. All of your guests fit perfectly into this company’s target demographics. But where do you start to begin securing that company as a sponsor? That is where we come in.

Follow these five simple steps to lock in a sponsor and create a mutually beneficial relationship that won’t have your event taking a hit.

  • First thing we recommend is creating and booking your ideal photo booth package with Oh Happy Day Booth. You can see all of our services and add ons, starting with our portrait booth, here. We suggest adding a custom vinyl wrap, a custom start screen, email capturing and digital sharing analytics to track the audience to ensure maximum return on investment and brand visibility. By adding these options, you’ve now curated a marketing tool for your future sponsor. They’ll thank you later, trust us.

  • Once you’ve created your ideal package, double your cost of renting the booth. By doing this, you’ve now created a profit margin that will help with your organization’s funding. Not only are you able to cover the cost of the photo booth rental, you’ll profit off our services, which makes this a win-win-win for everyone. We suggest adding in additional sponsorship incentives such as logo placement on signage, hyperlinks on your website, complimentary tickets to your event, announcing their services at your event, and social media mentions. While these incentives have little associated cost, they hold a lot of value for a sponsor.

  • After you’ve created an incentive deal that a photo booth sponsor will benefit from, identify the demographics of the guests attending the event. You’ll want to know the statistical data relating to the population of your event, especially for your future event partners. This is important because when you know your demographics, you can then determine what type of company would benefit most from marketing to your guests.

  • Since you now know your demographics and which company would benefit from the audience, start contacting companies and find the decision maker on staff regarding marketing or sponsorship opportunities. Explain your photo booth sponsorship package, and all it’s associated benefits. It is a huge marketing tool to amp up their business, and let them know that they would be the exclusive photo booth sponsor. Fancy! We suggest reaching out to more than one company that could potentially sponsor your event. If you already have a lead from another sponsorship in the past, or know of a company that has been interested in working with your organization, start there!

  • Once you have a strong lead, that responded and said they are interested in learning more, let them know we can create a mockup so they can visualize the experience. We can create a branded photo overlay for the print outs, show them digital analytics from past events, and design their vinyl wrap with their logo so they’ll know exactly what they’re benefitting from supporting your event. This will seal the deal for the sponsorship package.

A few examples photo booth experiences that have involved sponsors are below! Art Bra Austin is annually hosted by the Breast Cancer Research Center, and in 2018 they had two sponsors: Snyder Plastic Surgeons sponsored the roaming photography and selfie station and Texas Oncology sponsored the Portrait Booth. Together, these sponsors and the host benefited from the event and it was a hit for all the attendees as well!

To see another idea of what your logo would look like on a photo overlay at a sponsored event, check out this blog.

We’ve had success with our simple five step process and we know you will too! Interested in learning more? Contact our sales team today at kati@ohhappydaybooth.com.